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As licensed agents, we recognize the struggle that sellers face when getting ready to sell their home.  Often the main issue is simply not having the finances to make the necessary improvements that will generate a higher sales price.  For some it is simply understanding that today's buyers want move in ready homes.

HEC was started to give sellers and their agents the ability to sell their home quickly and at the highest price possible.  There is no secret to selling - UPDATED HOMES SELL FASTER AND HIGHER!  Our clients have averaged a 130% Return on Investment when updating their home for sale.  

Our approach is simple - we use high quality contractors to make smart updates to your home or listing based on our 20 years of experience in the DC Area Real Estate Market.  We do not recommend high end upgrades if they will not generate a good return on your investment.  We work with you or your agent to establish an expected price after updates to make an informed decision.  

We understand the stress that selling your home creates.  Facing the expenses of making updates just to get it ready to sell can make things worse.  That is why we offer a deferred payment option so that you do not have to pay until your home sells with the proceeds at closing.  This way you can make the necessary repairs that will generate the higher sales price and give you a return on your investment.

It is a simple equation - Buyers over price the true cost of repairs to a home.  If your home needs new carpet, a buyer will place a value that is typically triple the cost to you the seller.  Fresh Paint and New Light Fixtures are time consuming updates to buyers and will make your home feel new.

Sometimes the updates are used to sell your home for more money - Sometimes the updates are needed just to be able to sell your home!  We will work with you or your agent to determine what will be the best options to meet your selling goals! 

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